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If you’re going to write about something and do it well, you have to have hands-on experience with your subject.  Mike Giles is an expert fisherman, deer hunter and nobody is better at fooling a cagey old gobbler. When it comes to transferring his experiences with critters from the woods to words, few do it better.
The same is true for being involved with interesting people with unusual stories to tell. Mike has the ability to tap into the emotions and experiences of such people, translating what he sees, hears and feels into moving and gripping stories.
I’m confident you’ll find within the pages of this book, the heart of Mike Giles. This is a book that once you start reading, you’ll find hard to put down.  
Glynn Harris
Award winning author, outdoorsman and popular radio show host.



​Mike Giles is a Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff team member, Drake Waterfowl Elite team member, accomplished outdoorsman, award winning wildlife photographer and author who has enjoyed a lifetime in the Southern outdoors. He is a life member of the National Rifle Association and the Bass Anglers Sportsmen’s Society. Mike has been a columnist for The Meridian Star since 1992 and a regular contributor to the Mississippi Sportsman and various magazines with credits in Mississippi Outdoors, Louisiana Sportsman, Mississippi Woods and Waters, Mississippi Game and Fish, NWTF’s Wheeling Sportsmen and others.


A former bass tournament angler, guide and seminar speaker, Mike is committed to the outdoor life and helping people of all ages and abilities enjoy it to the fullest.


Recently Giles has been conducting inspirational after-dinner speeches at wild game dinners promoting positive interaction with young people and the outdoors, and urging people to “Imagine the Possibilities” of making a difference in our world. An avid angler and hunter, the former tournament competitor conducts fishing seminars and trick casting exhibitions and contests for kids, and has guided many youngsters and adults to their first bass, deer and turkey harvests.


Giles has won many awards in writing and wildlife photography while pursuing his passion. 


Giles was named the 2008 Mississippi Wildlife Federation Conservation Communicator of the year and won many awards for his writing and wildlife photography. 

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